Thermo Hemp loft insulation

Thermo-Hemp Insulation

Thermo-Hemp is manufactured from hemp – one of the world’s oldest and most natural fibres. Hemp is durable and long-lasting and is an ideal natural raw material for buildings. Insulation with Thermo-Hemp helps
create a natural healthy home environment in particular through its unique natural moisture regulation features. Additionally it offers a high level of acoustic insulation.

Advantages of Thermo-Hemp Insulation

  • 100% natural raw material
  • Highly fire resistant
  • Energy efficient and totally safe
  • Immune from mould and insect attack
  • Absorbs and releases moisture and maintains insulation properties
  • Energy Efficient
  • No skin irritation
  • Easy installation

Unique Natural Features of Thermo-Hemp Insulation

Ideal for new or existing buildings, Thermo-Hemp is free from any polluting additives. It’s unique properties mean that it absorbs heat that is released when temperatures cool. As a natural material it is fully recycable. It is lightweight and easy to handle and is suitable for professional or DIY installation. Thermo-Hemp carries the Nature Plus Quality Seal and is available in roll or mat format for ease of installation.

Thermo-Hemp – 100% Natural and Environment Friendly


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