Chimney BallonChimney Balloon

A chimney balloon stops chimney draughts & retains heat in your living area.  Simply inflate the chimney balloon in the chimney cavity to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney helping you to save on your home heating costs.

Advantages of a chimney balloon

  • Stops down draughts and up draughts
  • Saves heating costs
  • Inflate to install, look deflate to remove
  • Allows a little ventilation
  • Use again and again

How a chimney balloon works

The chimney balloon is made from special, health durable, long-life plastics. Simply inflate it using the mouth inflation hose, and insert the balloon into the chimney cavity.   This will help to prevent draughts and cold air from entering the living area and prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney.  Before lighting a fire, deflate it by opening the tap, and then remove it from the chimney.  The chimney balloon can then be inflated using the mouth inflation hose and reused as and when required.  If accidentally heated the chimney balloon shrivels and deflates and will not cause damage if accidentally lit.
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