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Survey / Energy Advice

We have a number of professionally trained surveyors who are available to call to your home and carry out a free survey.  This survey will determine what insulation measures are required to take you up to the required standard and to save money on your fuel bills.


Cavity Wall Insulation

Up to 35% of all heat loss in your home is lost through the walls. The majority of properties built since the 1930’s are built by constructing masonry walls with an airgap, or “cavity”, of at least 50mm in between. Insulating this cavity is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home. Not only could cavity wall insulation save you around £250 on your annual fuel bills (based on a detached home), it’ll also significantly lower the carbon emissions from your home – by an estimated 1040kgs per year.

Loft Insulation at homeseal NI

Loft Insulation

Without adequate loft insulation you could be losing as much as 25% of your heating costs through your roof. Insulating your loft is a simple and can help you save around £250 per year on your fuel bills and around 1050kg of CO2 a year (based on a detached home).




Adequate ventilation must be present in the loft area before insulation can be installed.  Failure to have adequate ventilation can result in damp and condensation problems in your loft after insulation has been laid.

Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging 

A thermal imaging survey is the most effective way of detecting and seeing thermal heat loss from a building envelope. This information can be used to identify air leakage and defective or missing insulation.

draught proofing

Draught Proofing 

Draught proofing is a tidy, efficient and inexpensive way to stop draughts, keep out noise and reduce heat loss in your home therefore reducing heating bills.

Radiator Panels at Homeseal NI

Radiator Panels

Radiator Reflector Panels are sheets of prefabricated PVC designed to reduce heat loss thus keeping your room warmer, especially when placed behind ‘wet-panel’ radiators.

Chimney Ballon

Chimney Balloons

A chimney balloon stops chimney draughts and retains heat.

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